Our Story

In 2016, when the news was flooded with information and dire warnings about the Zika virus, retired US Army physician, Dr. Angelita Callahan, realized there was a way to help protect the lives of expectant mothers and the children they were carrying. As a mother herself, Dr. Callahan saw the urgency in this need as well as protecting from other diseases such as malaria and Lyme disease. Juno Apparel was born from this desire.

Dr. Callahan's sister, Bonnie Mulligan took over the company in December of 2017. Bonnie is a mother as well as a triple-negative breast cancer survivor. In 2018, after finishing her chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Bonnie relaunched the Juno brand. She believes a mom-to-be shouldn't have to worry about insect-borne illnesses and just enjoy the journey that is motherhood (apart from morning sickness, swollen ankles, and labor pains).

Join me as we navigate motherhood together!

The Mulligans - Easter 2018

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